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Tamagawa Walking Course (7. 10. 2004)

Tamagawa walking course. Click to see big map
See big map for the whole course in the south of Tokyo
A small creek in Todoroki Gorge

Todoroki Gorge. A very special area in the overcrowded city.

Tama river near Tamagawaen station

Tama river near Tamagawaen station. See the park marked by the hills on the right side.

My last day in Tokyo. Sunshine. Futako Tamagawa again.

This time I decided to walk down the river in the direction of Tamagawa station.

It's very simple. Just follow the road on the dyke along the Tama.

After about half the way my map indicated the presence of Todoroki Gorge. I decided to have a look at it.

A really small ravine with a little creek. Tiny roadside shrines. A big shrine on top of a hill. And the inevitable toilet houses. Wonderful autumn atmosphere. Cant't believe to be in Tokyo. Just nature.

I resumed my way along the Tama in the warm sunshine. Watched people on the flatlands playing tennis and base ball.

Approaching Tamagawa station I recognize Tamagawa park situated on the small cliffs beside the Tama river.

Here, you could pay a visit to the Shrine Building featured in the famous "Made in Tokyo" Book. A Shinto shrine built on an artificial hill on top of the Toyoko Line. You may stay on the veranda and watch the trains crossing the river in the direction of Kawasaki just beneath you. I've been there in 2001.

Arriving at Tamagawa I had a coffee and decided to conclude my day with a visit to Nishi Magome Onsen.

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research, music, lectures, walking courses
see also Tokyo 2001 + Tokyo 2002 + Tokyo 2003

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