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Adorno Hallengolf // Sa., 28.08. 2004

"Euro Indoor Golf Competition" - We'd like to review Bourdieu's propositions on the entirety of cultural expressions (painting and sport, literature and hair-doing) with this little game. With two players, one has to put the golf ball into the hole, the other has to read from Horkheimer/Adorno's Kulturindustrie (The Cultureindustry).


  Besucher bei der Vorbereitung des Golfwettbewerbs   Wer wird das erste Team bilden? Einige Überlegungen

Visitors of trudi.sozial in preparation of the forthcoming competition, looking at books and magazines.

The small little crowd in discussion how to proceed with the proposal to read and play golf.

Sample: "The stronger the positions of the culture industry become, the more summarly it can deal with consumers' needs, producing them, controlling them, disciplining them, and even withdrawing amusement: no limits are set to cultural progress of this kind. But the tendency is immanent in the principle of amusement itself, which is enlightened in a bourgeois sense. If the need for amusement was in large measure the creation of industry, which used the subject as a means of recommending the work to the masses--the oleograph18 by the dainty morsel it depicted, or the cake mix by a picture of a cake--amusement always reveals the influence of business, the sales talk, the quack's spiel."

  Der erste Spieler, Daniel, 7 Schläge zum Ziel   Team Pluntke/Kallfelz 6 Schläge

The first player, Daniel, trying to find the right spot for the hit.... His score: 7.

Another team, famous Frankfurt artist Julia Pluntke and Andreas Kallfelz refering from Adorno. Her score: 6

Another sample: "In the culture industry the individual is an illusion not merely because of the standardization of the means of production. He is tolerated only so long as his complete identification with the generality is unquestioned. Pseudo individuality is rife: from the standardized jazz improvisation to the exceptional film star whose hair curls over her eye to demonstrate her originality. What is individual is no more than the generality's power to stamp the accidental detail so firmly that it is accepted as such. The defiant reserve or elegant appearance of the individual on show is mass-produced like Yale locks, whose only difference can be measured in fractions of millimeters. The peculiarity of the self is a monopoly commodity determined by society; it is falsely represented as natural."

  Der erste Spieler, Daniel, 7 Schläge zum Ziel   Team Pluntke/Kallfelz 6 Schläge

Grandmaster Kallfelz, founder of The Thing Frankfurt, with Tine reading. His score: 2.

Best girl Ini trying her luck. Her score: 10


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