David Goldenberg arts future requirements | das ende der ausstellungskunst
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The leaflet inside the blue folder

Arts future requirements

Trigger 1

3 found images as a guide, or to trigger your memory - in making a decision about where you think art can take place -

here in Frankfurt
else where
actual, virtual, mental
or any geographical location

Trigger 2

[If practical] once you have selected a location - attach the poster/expanded image
expand to occupy background

Trigger 3

A framework [a grid of squares in the leaflet] to pool any material to guide you in contributing to a discussion at multi-trudi this Sunday on arts future requirements - use the space available in each box to write/draw etc ideas that arise while working on the project - please restrict yourself to just using the available space.

Trigger 4

Material collected in the leaflet can be used as a point of departure for the discussion on Sunday.

Where art may take place....
Where art may take place....
Where art may take place....
Where art may take place....(enlarged)

Expanded image from leaflet
("The place reminds me of Hamburg", Stefan Beck)

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